Acoustic Audio Moonshiners


On a chilly Sunday morning about a month ago my friend, Susan, and I were sitting in the Boise Towne Square parking lot finishing our breakfast sandwiches and killing a few minutes before heading inside to take a free cooking class at Williams-Sonoma. Gazing at the Old Chicago sign hanging on the mall’s facade, Susan and I noted the pizza chain’s claim to fame is serving 110 beers from around the world in bottle and on tap. “We should go in there and drink beer sometime,” we agreed.

We'll be doing just that on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m., when Audio Moonshine’s guitarist, Jake Ransom, and percussionist, Chad Waite, will be playing a free acoustic set at Old Chicago. Since I am no longer a mindless slave to Wednesday night episodes of American Idol ever since the digital television switch last year, I’ll be heading over to the mall pizzeria with Susan and a pair of handsome men to catch a local act that is refreshingly more approachable and earth bound than an entire troupe of superstar-wannabes. I’ll try out a couple of new-to-me brews, spend time with people I like and listen to musicians that I like, too.

Thank you, federal government, for unplugging me from the tractor beam of TV. Instead of staying in my cave like a good little citizen and being spoon-fed corporate messages designed to brainwash the masses into spending their hard-earned money, I’ll be socializing with other human beings and supporting Boise’s music scene.

And, yes, I'll be doing it at the mall.

"Not Today" Video by Audio Moonshine