Practice Makes Perfect


We've all heard the saying "practice makes perfect." It doesn't matter if you're learning to play the flute, ride a horse, skateboard or hurdle yourself down the luge at the Winter Olympics. Practice is everything. It's how we grow from our failures and learn from our successes.

It turns out that everyone at the Winter Olympics practices. I'm not talking about the athletes. That's a given. I was up in Whistler this week. The resort community will host everything from biathlon to the bobsleigh. I'm walking through the village and I hear a sound. It's a female voice. Not just any female voice. It's the voice of any Olympic medal ceremony. What? The games haven't even started and already medals are being awarded?

A crowd gathers around this area that's been blocked off with metal gates covered in fabric. They try and peer through. There's a small opening and we all take turns peeking. Turns out if you're hosting a medal ceremony you have to get it right. Correct. I and dozens of other Whistler visitors had stumbled across a practice medal ceremony.