I Think I Will Take a Seat


For every adventure there is a moment when the plan is hatched.

I remember sitting in a sauna with my parents and sister when I was a kid, and hatching a plan to bike across Spain and Portugal. It took a year or so of planning, but it happened.

Last night, sitting in the jam-packed Egyptian Theatre for the final night of the Banff Film Fest watching a guy named Dominic Gil bike from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, approximately 29,519 kilometres (18,449 miles) to Ushuaia, the last town in South America, another plan was hatched.

I have not figured out what the gimmick is going to be, but Gil's was pretty good. He rode a tandem and picked up people along the way to help him pedal. I also don't know where I might end up, or when it might happen, but Gil planted the seed. Which is the point of the Banf Film Fest.

Here's a taste of Take a Seat:

Not all the films are similarly inspiring. The 12 minute ice climbing film Hunlen did not inspire, though it was a neat trick. I'm not going to climb a a melting waterfall ... that's not adventure, it's just crazy. But fun to watch.

Tuesday night was the best crowd for Banff in Boise this year, according to festival organizer/emcee Dave Fotsch with a nearly-sold out crowd. There was some football game Sunday night which may have hampered opening night crowds. The festival raised at least $20,000 for nordic skiing activities at Bogus (that's before the (significant) bar tab has come in). The money supports the Bogus Basin Nordic Team, an alumnus of which, Sara Studebaker, is competing in the Olympic Games next week.

The money also funds Bogus Basin Snow School and supports 6 km of solar lights on the cross-country trails there.

Incidentally, there is a cross-country race at Bogus this weekend, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Maybe there will be some of this action on the trails, if the kids are goofin':