Boise Blue Is Going Out Of Business


After more than 70 years of service to the Boise arts community, downtown icon Boise Blue Art Supply is going out of business.

Boise Blue co-owner Terrie Robinson in 2009
  • photo by Joyce Alexander
  • Boise Blue co-owner Terrie Robinson in 2009
Sisters and co-owners Janet Hackett and Terrie Robinson have tried to keep the business afloat, but the bad economy has been too much to overcome.

"We just can't seem to struggle through. We've tried everything we can. The only thing it's proving to us is that we've thrown every damn dime personally we have into it and it still isn't working," she said, in good humor.

And they aren't exactly sure when they'll close the doors for good, but she expects it will be somewhere between the next 30 to 60 days. "Probably by the end of March for sure," she said, and added that the landlord has already shown the building to a prospective new lessee.

Hackett isn't positive what they'll do with any remaining inventory, but said she does know they won't go through a liquidator.

"We just want our products to go to the people who want them," she said.

Boise Blue Art Supply, 820 W. Jefferson St., 208-343-2564,