Let the Bidding Begin


The 17th annual Valentines for AIDS hosted by Flying M Coffeehouse has officially begun. The annual silent auction is one of those quintessentially Boise events—if you haven't participated as an artist or a bidder or even a gawker, you could be accused of not actually being a Boise resident.

Each year, the proceeds benefit SNAP, a local organization that provides assistance to HIV/AIDS patients. Last year, more than $23,000 went into SNAP's coffers from the auction.

Although the bidding gets downright fierce in the final minutes of the two-week-long auction, you can bet Flying M will be one of the hottest stops during tonight's First Thursday trek.

What to expect? Everything from a painted male form to a bucket of neon. No joke.

Birdman, Mary Butler
  • "Birdman," Mary Butler

Letter Set Valentine, Margaret and Carl Marti
  • "Letter Set Valentine," Margaret and Carl Marti

Emissary of Love, Molly Hill
  • "Emissary of Love," Molly Hill

South of France, Divit Cardoza
  • "South of France," Divit Cardoza

Untitled, Thomas Lea
  • "Untitled," Thomas Lea

Bucket of Love, Wil Kirkman
  • "Bucket of Love," Wil Kirkman

LIke a left hand and a right hand we are meant to be, Ben Wilson
  • "LIke a left hand and a right hand we are meant to be," Ben Wilson