Too Sexy for the Superbowl


We're still five days out from football's big event, but the commercial controversies are already rolling in hard and strong.

CBS has approved an anti-abortion commercial from the Christian family support organization Focus on Family calling it "a simple message celebrating life and family."

However,'s ridiculous man-on-man make-out session commercial did not make the CBS cut. Watch this thing and ask yourself if it's any racier than the 2004 Canadian Superbowl Commercial (which aired) with two girls swapping lip gloss and spit. Then, just for fun, have a laugh at two Quizno's commercials embedded at the end. "Put it in me, Scott. It's over a foot long ..."

Faux kissing. Hott. With two T's.

Frankly the gratuitous green bikini butt shot seems more inappropriate than the kissing.

"Toasting your Torpedo": euphemism for solo or group action? You decide.

Real ... women ... need ... meat ...? Hm, I know a few vegan lesbians who might disagree with everything about that statement.