Livin' the D: Speak "Stop the War"


Hungarian rapper Speak (born Tamás Deák) sent this message of peace in 2003. His sincerity is admirable as his desire that we "stop the war."

That does not excuse the shout outs to his "black brothers" and the "Sometimes people fight a war / don't know what it's for (Business, yeeeah, c'mon)" chorus.

Or the zombie (the spiky haired guy, second from the left) singing in the video. Maybe that was part of the the deal Speak had to make to be allowed to film in that cemetery.

"Yes, Speak, you can make your video in my graveyard," said the caretaker. "But you have to put my undead son in it. I'm so tired of his moaning and groaning, maybe this will shut him up."

Speak has a Facebook fan page, a YouTube channel and an unofficial fan site if you want more.