Sum Moment at Boise State SUB Gallery



Benjamin Love, an undergrad at Boise State, had the opening reception for his fantastical new exhibition, "Sum Moment-A Collection of Wings" lastnight.

For the show, Love covered the floor of the second-story gallery space with Astroturf and lined the walls with screen-printed sheets of paper. On the paper there were hundreds of the index cards Love had previously handed out around town, which featured the words "P.s. I Love You" and a phone number. (P.s. You can still call the number, if you can decipher it from the photo below.)


The center of the space was taken up by a 20-foot rainbow and featured an assortment of large letters, which quickly turned into a fort at the hands of Love's young daughter and the daughter of BW News Editor, Nathaniel Hoffman.


And, of course, there was the highly buzzed about cake: a "life-sized effigy of Michael Jackson." But it turns out we were duped, and the very large, crazy-delicious rainbow cake merely featured the words: "Life-sized Effigy of Micheal Jackson," not an artfully sculpted King of Pop. Sigh.


Now, we were under the impression that effigies are usually burned...Here's hoping there aren't hunks of charred rainbow cake lying in a dumpster somewhere. What a tragic waste of such rad cake.