OK Stop


Los Angeles-based band OK Go did what so many bands—and their labels—hope to do: they created a music video for their single "Here It Goes Again" (off their 2005 release Oh No) that went utterly viral on YouTube, even garnering the band a slew of TV appearances. You'd think the band's label, Capitol/EMI, would be happy to see that video still being embedded on sites all over the Internet five years after the album came out. Nope.

The "Here It Goes Again" video shows the four band members on treadmills, engaged in synchronized choreography that would have made Esther Williams smile. Available on YouTube, the video was the biggest thing on the Web for awhile. Reports surfaced that EMI didn't want to see the video popping up on fan sites any more and killed the ability to embed it. On their Web site, OK Go posted an open letter of apology to their fans.

Fortunately, it's still embeddable from Vimeo so if you haven't seen it before, here it is. Even after all this time, it's still a stroke of genius.