Hot Stuff



Does incandescence get you all hot and bothered? Does infrared radiation get your goose glowing? Well, then check out the Discovery Center of Idaho’s sexily named new heat exhibit, “Hot Stuff,” which opens on Friday, Jan. 15, replacing the equally suggestive “Good Vibrations.”

Using hands-on (heh heh) activities, the exhibit will dive into thermal areas like incandescence, heat transfer, convection, focused heat and infrared radiation, while also exploring technologies “designed around thermodynamic properties such as heat pumps, thermostats, thermoelectric modules and insulators and conductors.”

To make these concepts easier to understand, “Hot Stuff” will investigate everyday situations involving heat. For example, why is soup too hot to eat right away, though toast isn’t? Or why can you touch aluminum foil straight out of the oven?

Find out the answers to these questions and more as you become one of the heat elite at the Discovery Center of Idaho's newest exhibition.