Thieves Think It's Better To Steal Than to Receive


Local artist Jany Rae Seda spent some of her holiday season with the police.

  • Jany Rae Seda
On Christmas Eve, someone broke into Seda's old Volvo station wagon and stole three bags of art prints that were on their way to the 8th Street Holiday Market. Seda said that though she always locks her car, she must have forgotten that night allowing the thieves easy access.

"At least they didn't have to break a window to get in," Seda said.

Strangely, the thieves left behind other valuables, as well as several of Seda's originals, though those had clearly been looked through—the paintings were spread out around the car and were covered in leaves and snow.

The prints are all matted and are of various Idaho scenes including historic buildings, landscapes, ravens and Basque images and, in total, they were worth around $1,000.

"I'm a starving artist," Seda said laughing. "If they are able to sell those prints, I want to know where."

If you have any information, contact Boise Police or contact Seda at 208-336-1438 or e-mail her at