Mom and Grams Live at the Fiesta Bowl, Part Three



Only a mom would find the following tidbits newsworthy.

“I just wanted to tell you that the food lines are really long and you get a free hotdog and potato salad and some nacho dip, but the lines are so long, you can’t get in. The beer lines are short and the girls all have their tops cut down so that the guys want to go to the beer lines all the time. But the food’s hard to get to so we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

We’ve got about three hours till the game and hopefully we’ll survive. (To grandma: 'Is there anything else I’m suppose to tell her?') Oh, and the restrooms are clean. All the fans are so great, and there are so many more Boise State people here than the purple-shirted people from that Christian place in Texas. Love you, bye.”