Mom and Grams Live at the Fiesta Bowl, Part One



This morning around 9 a.m., I got a voicemail from my mom and grandma who were waiting at the Boise airport for their flight. Apparently, they've found their calling as sports reporters and will be checking in with me throughout the rest of the day, narrating their journey to the Fiesta Bowl. Seeing as neither of them have ever visited a blog, let alone written for one, I've decided to transcribe my mom's (hilarious) voicemails for a little BW Fiesta Bowl (sort of) live-blogging.

“Hey Tara this is Mom and Grandma Rosie calling in live from on the way to the Fiesta Bowl. We’re at the airport right now and it’s filling up with blue and orange in the higher-20 gates. I just wanted to let you know that if coach Pete calls my number, I’m going in. Your grandma is a little hesitant because of her osteoporosis, so she might not go in. But I’ll call you with updates so that you can know what’s going on live. Love you, bye bye.”