Munny Bidding Ends Tonight at 6 p.m.



You’ve still got an hour and a half to scramble down to the Record Exchange and score a sweet, hand-painted Munny as a Christmas present for your honey. Until 6 p.m. today, you can bid on toys from artists like: Sean Wyett, Shelly McCarl, Chris and Peggy Parker, Will Spearman, Grant Olsen, Eric Bunnell, Erik Payne, E.J. Pettinger, Toby Robin, Renda Palmer, Noble Hardesty, Jerms Lanningham, Eli and Lisa Pisano, Cate Brigden, John Padlo, Erin Cunningham, Julia Green, Tony Rios, Heather Bauer, Cody Evans and Linda Capps.

In addition, the Record Exchange has tacked on two Obama-related silent auction items. The first is the book Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change, edited by Shepard Fairey and Jennifer Gross. The second is Ron English's Abraham Obama Vinyl Bust, which is now sold out world wide.