Reuseum Relocates, Reopens


The Reuseum, a store that offers its geeky patrons a selection of surplus and gently used technology items, found its old location as passe as Pong and moved lock, stock and widgets to a new home in Garden City at 108 W. 33rd St.

The new space is twice as big as the old one and instead of small, crowded areas, is now one big open space where it's easier to sift through electronic components, military surplus items and computer parts or work on your own hi-tech project. Owner David Gapen reportedly refers to the new digs as Reuseum v.2.0, because it's not only bigger but improved, including more hours of operation. It's now open Fri.-Wed. 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

The grand opening continues through December, which means for the next few days at least, you might still snag a door prize when you go in looking for that vintage amplifier tube that will change your life.

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