It Shines, Shakes and Laughs ... But It Is Not Funny


Several months ago, I met filmmaker Matt Wade for coffee at Flying M to chat about his new short, It Shines, Shakes and Laughs.

He'd sent me a screener of the almost-7-minute film in advance and explained that it came about not only as a means of artistic expression, but also because he had a few canisters of film that were in danger of expiring.

It was interesting to hear Wade talk about making the surreal, sort-of-futuristic, steampunk-ish, bloody-bride film but I was left in a quandary: I wanted to tell BW readers about the film, but I felt it would be a disservice. I had access to the film, but, because it wasn't playing anywhere locally, readers didn't.

After garnering a 2009 Slamdance Film Festival Official Selection nod, Wade has put the film up on YouTube ... and I have put it up here on Cobweb.