Another birthday come and gone


These days, with Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites, even if one has sunk into a vegetative state, we can still be reminded of our birthday. We are reminded of all our internet "friend's" birthdays too.

Yesterday, I was feeling low and actually trolled for birthday wishes on Facebook in addition to the reminders that went out automatically. It's kind of like self-affirmations in the mirror. "I hear it's your birthday. It's my birthday too. You look good for 42 years. There's mileage on the chassy and the mpg is dwindling, but you still run. Count your blessings."

So yesterday, friends, former coworkers, distant cousins, high school friends who have reconnected through the magic of Facebook and others wished me a happy birthday. My own spawn, however, didn't until I reminded them. That's sad.