If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Link To It (So I Did)


I love YouTube. It's an incredible resource for someone like me for whom mass quantities of sensory input is as necessary a part of my day as coffee.

A few weeks ago, after getting lost in a vortex of permutations of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," (don't judge me) I came across Pomplamoose's version.

Pomplamoose is Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte, a couple of multi-talented 20-somethings whose VideoSong renditions of "Single Ladies," "Beat It," and, one of my all-time favorite songs, "September," are earning them some well-deserved attention. They employ split screens, behind-the-scenes clips and liberal doses of funny and adorable to create covers that aren't just copies, they're brilliant, charming homages that will make you fall in love with the songs all over again. Or fall in love with Dawn and Conte. Which is what happened to me.