Portland's Church Changes Name to Ape Cave


  • Photo by Jeremy Martin

At their set at the Visual Arts Collective last Saturday, Dec. 5, with locals Le Fleur and ATTN, Portland avant pop act Church announced that they are changing their name to Ape Cave. Apparently, they've been receiving flack from Australian new wave band, The Church, known for their 1988 hit "Under the Milky Way."

But name changes aside, Ape Cave put on a catchy, energetic show, complete with a Christmas-lights-and-garland-wrapped drum stand. At the end of instrumental synth band ATTN's set, members of Ape Cave and Le Fleur crowded the stage for one last extended jam.

Thanks for the stellar show, Ape Cave. Even though your new name is more confusing to say, it will be infinitely easier to Google.

The Church - Under The Milky Way (Official Music Video) - Click here for another funny movie.