Throw away your cable


I recently reactivated my Netflix account and discovered that the online downloading of movies is working for Macs now. I had cancelled my membership to save a little money a the time, and because I had cable I didn't see much need for it.

My cable watching habits were simple when I judiciously used the DVR. My regular haunts were The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Storm Chasers, various ghost hunting shows, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and a smattering of UFO and monster hunting shows. And sometimes the various Stargate spinoffs were viewed with a bag of Cheetoes and a glass of whiskey. Yes, I'm a media geek. Don't judge me.

So when we decided to wean ourselves from Television programming and revert to only watching movies I was pleasantly surprised to find that Netflix had gotten the instant downloading working for Macs. It probably has been working on Macs for quite some time but sometimes I'm a little slow to the game.

And, searching around I found many of the television series that I used to watch are available for instant downloading through Netflix and other online websites. Not wanting to sound like an advertisement, but when you look at the cost savings, it's huge.
Instead of paying $80 a month for cable, I'm now paying $14 a month for unlimited downloads (plus DVDs coming in the mail). And if I want to watch the Daily Show or Colbert Report, or Heroes, then all I have to do is use

In a time when everyone is trying to save a little money, we're saving $66 a month and we're watching better stuff on TV. That ain't chump change.