Worlds AIDS Day Come and Gone


In last week's main feature, "The Forgotten Epidemic" about HIV/AIDS, local activist Duane Quintana said that sensationalized news coverage of HIV/AIDS often swallows accounts of the reality of living with HIV. That is, unless a former Boise State athlete is knowingly passing on the disease, we're not likely to see HIV/AIDS in the local news regularly. Not even when the president lifts a long-standing ban on allowing HIV-positive people into the country.

"The Forgotten Epidemic" is a story I've been wanting Boise Weekly to cover since I took over as editor some 18 months ago. But it took us 18 months to get around to it. In fact, aside from a guest opinion written by Quintana last May and sporadic event announcements, the last time Boise Weekly covered HIV/AIDS in any depth was in December 2006. That was three editors ago.

Tuesday, Dec. 1, was World AIDS Day, which means that a quick Internet search for recent HIV/AIDS stories this morning will yield an impressive number of results. Try that same search again in seven months and count how many recent stories you turn up.