Instructables Cargo Scarf


Lately I've been searching for some not-too-difficult and not-too-lame crafty Christmas gifts to make people. But besides a ton of cookie recipes and various knitted things, I haven't come across anything mind-blowing. That is, until I stumbled across this little gem on

Like all amazing things, it makes you shake your head and wonder how you could've lived so long on this Earth without it. It's a scarf ... with pockets. Sick of rifling through your purse for your frantically ringing cell phone? The cargo scarf keeps your goods wound tight around your neck at all times. Weary of stashing your crap under a bar table when you hit the dance floor? The cargo scarf gets down with you.

Now, I just need to figure out how to make a scarf that holds your drink when it's time to clap at a show ...

Cargo Scarf: Free your hands, and your mind will follow! - More DIY How To Projects