American Dad Dons My Morning Jacket ... and We've Got a Contest!


FOX's Sunday night sitcom lineup is a solid one if you like cartoon families created by Seth McFarlane and comprised of juvenile father figures, stereotypical wives/mothers and two-point-five children. Oh, and jokes based on racism, sexual ambiguity and bodily functions. I'm not judging here, I'm just sayin'.

Last night, the American Dad episode titled "My Morning Straightjacket" featured head-of-the-household Stan Smith connecting with the music of, you guessed it, My Morning Jacket. Smith, a 30-something CIA agent, is a rather repressed button-downed suit so enamored with the band—at one point he pays $900 for a bootleg recording of MMJ frontman Jim James gargling made by an uber fan (voiced by comic Zach Galifianakis)—he leaves his responsibilities behind to follow MMJ in Phish-fan fashion.

The musical sequences are fantastical, even for an animated show, and James, who voices his own two-dimensional avatar, is especially charming in his willingness to go along with the joke(s). The episode ends with a clip of MMJ live on stage.

On Nov. 11, Entertainment Weekly reported that the idea to have MMJ on American Dad germinated at the "life-changing four-hour show the Jackets played in the pouring rain at Bonnaroo '08," which American Dad co-creator Mike Barker attended. The EW writer, Whitney Pastorek believes that Barker "may have just penned the best episode of any television show, live or animated, in the history of the medium." Sounds like Pastorek is an uber fan of another kind.

For now, at least, you can watch "My Morning Straightjacket" on Hulu.

And speaking of Jim James, the first person to e-mail with the page number his name appears on in the Nov. 25 issue of BW gets two free Mormon Tabernacle Choir CDs. Huzzah!