Even the Queen Has to Retire—Sort of


Shhhhh. Ms. Winfrey is speaking.
  • "Shhhhh. Ms. Winfrey is thinking."
The New York Times reported today that Oprah—Ms. Winfrey if you're ... uh ... everybody—will bring her daytime network television show to an end on Sept. 9, 2011 after 25 years on the air.

Ending her "talk" show—she talks and ... uh ... everybody listens—will free her up to dedicate her energies to her new cable television network. No, you didn't read wrong. Not her new cable television show, her cable television network.

OWN as it will be called, NATURALLY, will be a "joint venture between her production company and Discovery Communications. It is intended to replace the Discovery Health Channel in more than 70 million households."

I wonder if it will be one of Ms. Winfrey's favorite things?