Today's Burning Question-Scrub a Dub, Dub



Today’s Questionland question of the day today comes from squeaky-clean user Trespasser.

"Where do you begin washing? I read a study that says most showerers begin with scrubbing their bellies. Is it true of you? I'm a left-arm loofah-er, myself."

So far, user Ronnie also admits to being a left-armer: “Left arm ... Riveting answer I know. Butt crack is second to last ... then my hands of course.”

User Jessi, on the other hand, starts things off by washing her hands.

Do you have a bodycleaning routine? Or do you prefer to go with the flow? After quick glance at You Tube, it seems like the manliest soap detonation spot for the American male is the left arm:

While in Japan, it looks like the ladies are left-thighers: