Libs vs. Cons on Food


A couple of weeks ago, Boise State Radio aired "Arugula Wars" from Edible Idaho's Guy Hand, who wanted to know if liberals and conservatives actually had different eating habits. The bottom line: are liberals, in fact, more partial to arugula than conservatives?

Hand posted an update on that story yesterday after Chris Oates at sent him a study on eating habits and political ideology. At the risk of creating one giant foodie/media circle jerk (radio guy to blogger to radio guy to BW to ...), I'll recommend the new post, which says, among several funny things:

"When shown a picture of an apple corer: 71% of conservatives were more likely to both have one and use it. Liberals were 15% more likely to “have no clue” what this is."

And, of course, Hand's new post includes data on whether liberals are more partial to arugula.

(And in the interest of full disclosure: Hand, Oates and myself are all members of a once-monthly locavore group, along with BW staffers Nathaniel Hoffman and Deanna Darr, and a long list of other media types who shall remained unnamed for their own safety. Yes, it's a media/foodie conspiracy, folks.)