Build Your Own Adult Swim DVD


ATHFs Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad find a genie in a bottle, baby.
  • Courtesy of AdultSwim
  • ATHF's Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad find a genie in a bottle, baby.
Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have come up with a solution for people who want to own an episode or two of some different shows but not a whole season: Let people create their own collections and only charge them $20.

Beginning today, viewers who visit can create fully customizable DVDs on demand. Though not all of the Adult Swim shows nor all of the episodes are available, for now you can choose from a selection of Aqua Teen Hunger Force; The Drinky Crow Show; Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil; Robot Chicken; Sealab 2021; Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!; The Venture Bros.; and The Young Person's Guide to History.

You can watch clips of the available episodes before choosing, and then create the DVD with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Then pick from three DVD menu options, review the whole shebang and follow the link to checkout. Within about 48 hours you—or whoever is lucky enough to get this as a gift from you—will be feet-up on the table, popcorn/nachos/M&Ms/giant sandwich in hand, enjoying the Adult Swim shows you want to watch without having to sit through King of the Hill or Family Guy reruns first.