ESPN's Howard Bryant on Boise State Broncos: Ready for the Big Time?


On NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday this morning, host Scott Simon spoke to ESPN's Howard Bryant about Boise State's place in the world of college football.

Bryant said that the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is a system mean to ferret out a national champion, not to "put together a playoff system ... the top three teams are what they always are. You've got Florida, Alabama and Texas, but then that No. 4 spot is a tricky spot ... if you're not one of the big top teams, you cannot lose. You have to be perfect."

Simon wanted to know if, with their record, Boise State should be considered a big team now. Bryant has often said that Boise State doesn't get the credit it deserves. But maybe for a reason.

"Their schedule is so weak," Bryant said. "I've argued back and forth with our college football experts and they say, 'Look. Boise State can go undefeated every year. Their schedule isn't strong enough and they don't deserve consideration with the big dogs ... with the Pac 10 or even the Big 10 or Big 12.' It doesn't matter what they do. My position has always been what is the point of going undefeated if you can never win a national championship," he said, laughing. "It's obvious that at some point, you have to have some form of playoff to determine who the best team in the country is."

Regardless of the outcome of today's 1 p.m. Broncos vs. Vandals match at Boise State—the most highly anticipated sports rivalry in the Gem State—outside opinions of the Broncos may not change. But you can be damn sure thousands of people in blue and orange already believe their team has earned the right to play with the big dogs.