When Looking Gorgeous In A Gown Still Isn't Enough


Here at BWHQ, we received a press release from the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Team that opens with the all-caps question, "MEN, IS YOUR WIFE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN IDAHO? PROVE IT!"

MEN, the organization is currently looking for the next Mrs. Ada County who will compete in personal interview, physical fitness and evening wear on April 23 and 24 at Capitol High School. The winner will represent our area in the 2010 Mrs. Idaho Pageant and that winner of that contest will then move on to challenge wives from all 50 states to see who will be crowned the next Mrs. America.

MEN, if you think your wife is the most beautiful woman in Idaho, we're happy for the both of you, but beauty is only one of the requirements necessary to see your bride go on to the finals. She must also be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States and a resident of Idaho. Sounds simple enough, right? BUT THERE'S MORE.

MEN, your spouse must also fulfill one other condition, one very non-specific requirement that may, sadly, prevent her from walking away with an arm full of roses and a crystal tiara. According to the Team, candidates must also "be of good moral character."

MEN, maybe you should just let your wife fill out the application for herself. You may find out a little something about her moral fortitude that you'd rather you hadn't. Tell her to visit mrsidahoamerica.com or e-mail mrsidahoteam@yahoo.com for more information.

Mrs. Idaho America 2009 Jamie Hilton and the 2009 delegates.
  • mrsidahoamerica.com
  • "Mrs. Idaho America 2009 Jamie Hilton and the 2009 delegates."