Everyone's big in Texas


I just returned from a short trip to Texas to see old friends and my pop. I had missed the food. Tex-Mex, BBQ, fried everything from the sea... I love food like that. I think I gained ten pounds.
Here were my meals...

Tuna/Tamarind ceviche, queso with Hatch green chiles, chips, fresh guacamole, four margaritas.

Amber's Vegetarian Shepard's pie and a couple Shiner Bocks.

Roasted potatoes & eggs

BBQ brisket at the Buckhorn in San Antonio with a Big Red to warsh it down.

More fresh guacamole (not as good as the first one we had), Cabrito (baby goat) & some Tuna Margaritas (Tunas are the name for the prickly pear fruit) at Acenar on the River Walk.

A nightcap at the Menger Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders. A herd of older Marines on Harleys with some killer colors had taken over the bar... some modern Rough Riders.

Chilquiles and coffee at the San Antonio market.

More BBQ at Bill Miller's in Pleasanton with another Big Red. I bought a coconut cream pie to take my dad.

All-u-can-eat Chinese buffet at the China "A" in Rockport with pop.

Some bacon wrapped scallops and crab stuffed Jalepenos at Pop's (not my pop, but a place near my pop's house. We washed them down with a couple of beers.

Two hours later we return with my own pop to Pop's and I enjoy an all-u-can-eat fried oysters, with another couple of beers.

We enjoyed a couple home cooked meals at my pop's place (my real pop's place not Pop's Place down the road). Big fat pancakes for breakfast, deep fried shrimp and red snapper for supper. Sweet Iced Tea to wash it down.

On the drive back to Austin we made one more stop at a BBQ place in Lockhart.

I'm stuffed.