When Spam Gets Personal


In my in-box today was the following e-mail:

Do you have any plans for Christmas? If you and your husband/wife
whatever... well, would you like to come to Wisconsin? We have tons of
snow. We could ski from my house across the lake to our island. If you
can't ski, you can ride in a sled, and our dog will pull you across.


I don't know Justen. In fact, I don't think I know anyone at all in Wisconsin these days. But since I wanted to share the laugh with my coworkers, I fowarded on the e-mail to the whole BW staff.

Smart ass replies poured in, but graphic designer Adam Rosenlund's response was worth a blog post:

Wisconsin is known for three things: Their cheese, the Packers, and their serial killers. This guy doesn’t strike me as a dairy farming linebacker, if you catch my drift.