Wanted: Baddest Cartoonist & Bestest Writer


The deadline is fast approaching for you to win your fame and (some) fortune.

Two of BW's most popular contests—Bad Cartoon and Fiction 101—are coming up real quick like. So quick like, the deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 18.

The winners and almost-winners of the annual Bad Cartoon Contest will be published in Boise Weekly on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The winner not only gets lots of attention in that issue, but will also be Boise Weekly's featured Bad Cartoonist in every issue of Boise Weekly for a full year. And it's a paying gig to boot (it's not much, but it's better than a kick in the ass).
Think you're the baddest cartoonist around? Here's the fine print: The contest is open to absolutely everyone. Except Dick Cheney, who we're excluding just because we want to. Entry is free.

Those who do not draw, but write, can take a stab at the top prize for Fiction 101. Winners, runners-up and judges' picks will be published in the Jan. 6 edition of Boise Weekly. Unlike the Bad Cartoonist, the top wordslinger in Fiction 101 will not be beholden to BW for an entire year's worth of assignments. Rather, we'll just pay you a straight-up winner's purse—the amount of which depends entirely on the number of entries, but usually it's enough clams to buy you and a few friends a nice dinner and a pair of shoes.

The fine print: Each entry must contain exactly 101 words according to Microsoft Word. The story title does NOT apply to the overall word count. No poetry. No handwritten entries. Put your name, address and phone on the BACK of each entry. Enter as many times as you like, but you have to pay $10 per entry.

The deadline for both contests is Wednesday, Nov. 18. Mail entries (and checks, not cash) to Boise Weekly 523 Broad St., Boise, ID 83702. Or stop by BWHQ at the corner of Sixth and Broad streets.