Today's Burning Question



Remember how we told you last week about BW's superslick new timesuck, Questionland? Well, a number of you have hopped on and popped some interesting questions. Like this one, a gem asked by contributor Brian Rich, that's sure to get some folks' whitey-tighties in a bunch:

"Why does Boise have such terrible bands? I swear when I go out to bars, like Grainey's, The Reef or other places, I'm bombarded with mediocre alt rock, most of it sounding like some horrible mid-90s Creed ripoff mixed with a dose of watered-down 311. And it sucks."

So far, there's only been one answer, given by contributor adult tricycle:

"When 'good' bands achieve a certain level of success they move to a 'city' in which to find a larger following and better networking resources. Plus the places you listed hires bands that play a majority of what the general public drunkenly want...

drunk populous wants and needs = crap music"

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