PBS on Journalism in the 21st Century


Jeffrey Brown, Senior Correspondent for PBS's NewsHour
  • Jeffrey Brown, Senior Correspondent for PBS's NewsHour
On Oct. 21, PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown sat down with former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. and Nick Lemann, dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism to talk about a new report (commissioned by Columbia U) titled "The Reconstruction of American Journalism."

They discuss the effect that the loss of dailies has to news reporting, the possible need for public media to shift resources to reporting local news and a suggestion in the report that the FCC should raise money to "create a national fund for local news." (One of the best spots is about three minutes in when Lemann uses the word "dis" in regard media advocacy. Even on PBS.)

You can read a transcript of the report, stream the segment or download the audio.