Singing About the Sons of Anarchy


FX, the channel that brought me It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is home to another terrific series. Sons of Anarchy is a drama about SAMCRO—Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter—a motorcycle club based in fictional Charming, Calif. The show is my new addiction.

  • You don't want to know how these tats are removed from squealers.

But I recently discovered something that makes me love the show more. The theme song of the show, "This Life," is a dark Americana tune with a country twang about "Riding through this world / all alone." The velvety voice singing the tune belongs to none other than local jazz legend Curtis Stigers.

Stigers is on tour in England right now (he's huge over there), supporting his new album Lost In Dreams (Concord Records), which came out on Sept. 29. He's probably also celebrating, because "This Life" has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. On his Web site, Stigers notes that he's in fine company: John Williams is also nominated in that category (he's the guy who composed the Star Wars theme).

I'll have more with Stigers on the SOA theme song, his new album and his Emmy nod in the coming weeks.