Two, count' em, two RX in-stores this week: Digital Leather, Leslie Mendelson


Digital Leather
  • Digital Leather

Tonight, indie darlings Digital Leather (think of the things you could do with some of that ) will rock revelers with music from their debut studio release, Warm Brother on Fat Possum, described by the Record Exchange as a "slab of killer synth garage punk recorded on vintage equipment." They play at 5:30 p.m. and then will stick around to sign CDs.
Leslie Mendelson
  • Leslie Mendelson

Tomorrow night, Leslie Mendelson will serenade those standing around from her debut release Swan Feathers (Rykodisc). According to the RX, she took the name of the album from how "Jac Holzman, the man who signed the Doors, described her sound, which also has drawn comparisons to Carole King."
94.9 The River and the RX share hosting duties for this in-store, which also begins at 5:30 p.m. Mendelson will also sign CDs when she's done.

The in-stores are, as usual, all ages and always FREE.