Electronic Fish and Game


First, it was Twitter, now, it’s YouTube.

Over the last few months, it seems the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been going increasingly high tech. And we’re not talking using GPS in the field or those slightly creepy stuffed deer they put out to trap poachers.

The department started sending out batches of updates via Twitter a few months ago, and now, according to its e-mail update, hunters can log on to YouTube for a reminder to watch out for ATV riders during hunting season (although, as a personal note, you should really know what you’re shooting at before you ever pull the trigger).

It’s even simplifying the process of drawing for Super Hunt game tags by making the whole thing electronic.

The 40 annual big game Super Hunt tags allow winners to hunt during any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope or moose, and money from the competitive drawing goes to support the Access Yes! program, which compensates private landowners for public access.

Drawings will now be done via computer in June and August.

Hunters now have the option of also filing their mandatory harvest reports (required for every hunting tag issued) online.

All these technological advances have us adjusting our quasi stereotype of the department, although we have to wonder what’s next? Animatronic hunts? Chuck E. Cheese and his crew better watch out.