Art Ride


Terry Hurst makes a stop at BW HQ on his way north.
  • Terry Hurst makes a stop at BWHQ on his way north.
How do you raise money for a community arts center in an underserved neighborhood in Salt Lake City? If you’re Terry Hurst, you ride your bike to Canada, then head to San Diego and then head east to bring attention to your cause.

Hurst has been couch-surfing his way north and spent a few days in Boise (stopping by BWHQ) before taking to the road to continue his trek. He left Salt Lake a few weeks ago, towing a small trailer with his bike, but without any money in his pockets. Instead, he’s looking for places to stay as he goes and asking for donations of goods and services from the communities he visits.

Along the way, he’s talking about the Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, the nonprofit he and his wife are hoping to open. As he explained, the goal of the center is to bring the community together through art and to give children not only an outlet, but a path that can lead to greater education and community involvement.

So, how’s he raising the $5 million needed for get the center off the ground? He and his supporters are selling pixels on a Web site for $1 each. For each pixel bought, a portion of an original piece of artwork is revealed.

We had to ask why he decided to start such a journey as winter is quickly bearing down? Hurst said that was simply when the inspiration struck him.

Keep an eye out for Hurst on the road, and check out the Web site.