From the congested e-mail inbox of the A&E editor: Say Hi


To be honest with you, fine reader, the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. I actually received this in my Facebook inbox from Barsuk Records. Not that it's a deal breaker, I'd guess, but I just want to be as transparent as a Saran Wrap suit.

Say Hi (formerly Say Hi to Your Mom) is Seattle's Eric Elbogen—although he understands that it takes a village and has a changing list of musicians traveling with him on the road. Earlier this year, indie-rocker Elbogen released Oohs & Aahs and, building on the momentum of it, has hit the road for a trans-United States tour in support of fellow Barsukian David Bazan.

In support of his support, Barsuk has released the video for Say Hi's "One, Two ... One."

The video, directed by Drew Norton, shows the big-bearded, cardigan-wearing rocker playing guitar in the middle of a meadow (no electrical outlet in sight) singing as gorgeous goddess Diana shoots arrows at him and misses.

Not enough bands make little visual narratives to accompany songs any more, so I'm thrilled to see a Say Hi video. I would just add that Elbogen's music is so lyrical, that I already had a little story in my head when listening to this song. Now I have two.