Old Time Wisdom


There’s something kind of enchanting about The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The other week, a copy of the 2010 edition landed on my desk, an occurrence I have grown to eagerly anticipate.

Sure, it seems easier to jump online and pull up the latest acu-forecast, celebrity gossip and fashion patrol, but it’s way more fun to delve into the pages of the original long-range forecast.

With more than 200 years under its publishing belt, you’ve got to give it some cred. Besides, where else can you find tidbits like 10 curious facts about Mark Twain (did you know he was born premature and his family had 19 cats at one time)?

Or, did you know that early spring is the perfect time to spread manure from cows or horses on your flower gardens, but spring and summer is best to spread sheep manure on your vegetable patch?
Or, that on Thursday, March 18, 2010, the sun will rise at 7:16 a.m. and set at 7:19 p.m.?
And how could you live without a good goulash recipe?

Of course, the most popular feature is the winter weather forecast. This year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac folks predict that our winter will be mild, but snowy, and it looks like there’s a chance we’ll have a white Christmas.

Both temperature and precipitation will be above average through January, before a cold, dry snap in February and March. Things will even out through the summer, although August and September 2010 will be cooler than normal, which will turn around in October.

Now, where else can you get advice like that?