BW gets a facelift


A preview of tomorrow's cover.
  • A look at tomorrow's cover.
We've been busy 'round here.

Between redesigning the ol', splitting Best of Boise into two mammoth issues and our usual regimen of partying every night like it's 1999 (as research for our new iPhone app Cocktail Compass, of course), we've been burning the midnight oil on the regular down at BWHQ for some months now.

But we have one final surprise in store for you, readers. Well, for you readers who actually pick up the paper, that is.

It's a redesign.

Yes, we have scrubbed Boise Weekly's pages clean and rearranged the whole shebang.

We've chopped an inch off the page, aired the whole thing out, thrown in a handful more photos, drawn in some sleek lines and concocted a few completely new editorial elements.

Although we've been working on this redesign for a few months, we've been accomplishing it pretty silently and I think it's going to come as a surprise to many readers tomorrow morning when they pick up the paper.

Let us know what you like. And, of course, what you don't like.