Mark Allen @ Red Feather


When the Best of Boise results were tallied, we weren't surprised to see Red Feather/Bittercreek Ale House bartender Mark Allen had taken the top spot for a third year.

Allen has a reputation for mixing up beautiful boozy concoctions and putting together unusual flavors that act like they're old friends.

But there are a lot of bartenders in this town, and if we had a buck for every time someone asked why Allen continues to win Best of Boise, we'd have enough dough to get properly smashed on a dozen of Allen's best concoctions.
So we decided to show Boise why Allen is the best according to Boise Weekly readers.

Telling him we were interested in filming Martini Mix Off bartenders, we got Allen to show us his skills behind the bar. First he shook up up his award-winning Mix Off cocktail the Allen Project and then we got a look at how to make Allen's favorite drink, the classic Sazerac.

Sorry, Mark, we told a little white lie: we were there on behalf of Best of Boise, not the Mix Off. Congrats on your win and on behalf of BW readers, thanks for the cocktails. And the hangovers.