World's No. 1 Holocaust Denier


NPR's Steve Inskeep told Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an interview earlier this week that famed Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel considered the president the world's number one Holocaust denier.

Ahmadinejad's response? "I have no opinion about what people and others think about me. It doesn't matter." And then he asked Inskeep if he would like to hear his views on the Holocaust, or rather, if Inskeep would be willing to listen.

Through an interpreter, Ahmadinejad told Inskeep that the Holocaust was a historical event, but downplayed its significance in history, saying genocide is occuring today under the pretense of an event that happened 60 years ago. Ahmadinejad, who has often denied the Holocaust in the past, also said it's important to ask where the Holocaust happened.

My favorite part: Ahmadinejad tells Inskeep that a couple of academics in Europe have actually been prosecuted "because of it"—or because of suggesting the Holocaust did not happen as history says it happened.

Sounds like the president of Iran may have read a few books by my old pal David Irving.