Blog on Blog; Dead Confederate


If you haven't seen it already, take a gander at The Record Exchange's blog. It provides a veritable cornucopia of music related info, including pics from their instores, recommendations from The Manager, chances to win stuff and other cool things ... like a sneak listen from Built to Spill's new album, There Is No Enemy, due out Tuesday, Oct. 6!

Check out the slideshow of yesterday's instore by members of Georgia-based Dead Confederate who, by the way, rocked the floorboards at the Meat Puppets show at the Grizzly Rose last night. Thick, heady guitars filled the space and singer Hardy Morris was a study in dichotomy: dressed in skinny jeans, light-colored topsiders with no socks and sporting chin-length bangs, he may have looked Panic at the Disco, but voiced the mournful pathos of Nirvana.