Red Room Expands into Pair's Old Spot


by heathermayi
  • by heathermayi

Last night marked the end of an era for the tatted masses used to sucking down PBRs in the red-tinged, smokey shoebox that was the Red Room. Starting tonight, the punk mecca is taking over Pair, the space next door, and expanding into its underutilized basement. The enlarged joint will now be known as The Red Room Tavern.

According to long-time Red Room bartender Justin Andrews, the Red Room vibes that regulars are used to (packed, loud, cheap) will now fill the basement area of Pair. Upstairs, RR’s infamous velour, kitschy Catholic paintings will adorn the walls and there will be ample space for snowboard movie screenings, live music and general debauchery. Also, there’s a big relief for the ladies who used to dread relieving themselves in RR’s old water closet—the new space has ample, clean bathroom facilities.

But what will become of Pair? Andrews confirms that the small plates and fancy martinis space is shutting down for a couple of months before they reopen as a “Las Vegas-style” swanky, bottle-service club in Red Room’s old space.

The Red Room Tavern is ambitiously planning to have a soft opening tonight, so head down and take a gander at the new joint that Andrews envisions as "downtown Boise’s new rock ’n’ roll corner."