Staring down BOB


The very last section of Best of Boise is on my desk this very second while my red pen stands poised to seek out typos. The last 10 days editing not one but two Best of Boise's have been long and hard on the eyes and the brain, I ain't gonna lie.

Yep that's two issues of Best of Boise. This Wednesday, you get the Editors' Picks as an appetizer. Next Wednesday, Sept. 30, you get results of Boise Weekly's annual readers poll.

Yesterday we received our advance copies of the first Best of Boise issue, which hits stands tomorrow and features the Editors' Picks. I haven't been able to bring myself to open it just yet, having spent all of last week obsessing over it. (And if I see a typo I might stab my eyes out with my trusty red pen.)

The section I'm staring down is the final segment of voters' results in the Bars and Nightlife category for the September 30 issue, which features Readers' Picks. And I'll tell you what, just because I'm a nice gal, I'm going to give you a preview of what you can expect in that category. How's this: the winner for best karaoke is ... oh, wait, it's a tie. And I couldn't possibly give away two answers, so I guess you'll just have to wait a week. Darn.