Bye Bye Hipster


Here at BWHQ, we’ve slugged it out in a few nasty brawls over the completely oversaturated term “hipster.” It seems that every staffer has a totally different mental image of what constitutes a hipster—whether it’s tattooed and pierced dudes or tight jeans-wearing teens with angular haircuts—and when it’s appropriate to use the word in print.

Though Time Out NY called for the death of the hipster back in 2007 and Adbusters recently blamed hipsters for counterculture becoming "a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum," the word inexplicably continues to thrive.

A friend recently keyed me in to a comic published in 2007 by Dorothy Gambrell, the Brooklyn-based author behind Cat and Girl, called "Riddle Me This." The comic effectively sums up my feelings on this “self-congratulatory” and “mildly pejorative” word, and I so wish I'd had it as a prop in one of our previous heated debates. Thank you, Dorothy, for such a succinct bullet to the fedora-clad head of the word hipster. But considering the fact that the comic seems relevant two years later, I have a feeling the debate will continue to rage on.