Twenty-two years later and I'm still in the pink


While cleaning out a closet today, I found a journal I started keeping when I moved to California after high school.

The entries are full of eye-rolling teen angst: I was living in a big, strange city, was working a full-time job and trying to be an adult and was unsuccessfully attempting to maintain a long distance relationship with my first real boyfriend. It's all chronicled. Annoyingly so.

In skimming through it (grimacing the entire time), I found one entry from Dec. 28, 1987, that made me laugh out loud. REM's "It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" had come out that year and, for some reason, the title of the song heads an entry I sub-titled "A Few Things I Love or Truly Enjoy (Nope, Things I Love)."

Here's the list:

Pink flamingos
Record albums
Cable T.V.
New haircuts
Pink anything
The letter Q
Black leather
My grandparents

I'll be 41-years-old next month, but as it turns out, I still have plenty in common with that 19-year-old. And I'll admit that if I had to make a things-I-love-list today, all of those items would still be on it.