Join the Rossi Posse



Bottom shelf jug wine maker Carlo Rossi has been nipping at the heels of the hip, budget-conscious urban crowd for the last couple of years. First, they tried to up their cool by devoting a section on their Web site to furniture crafted from recycled Rossi glass jugs. Now, they’re conducting a slightly ambiguous search for “a regular guy or girl who embodies Carlo Rossi's spirit through their own signature style and genuine characteristics, and who truly is the leader of their pack.”

Whomever Carlo Rossi chooses to bestow this random honor upon gets a cool 10 grand to go towards “creating their very own dream den to kick back with friends, relax and enjoy a jug of their favorite vino.”

If you think you can summon the laid back "I like to talk about wine, but I’d rather drink it" spirit of the late Mr. Rossi, sift through a few of his folksy commercials from the 1970s then answer the question “What makes you the leader of the Rossi Posse and how would you outfit your dream den?” The competition begins on Oct. 1, and all answers must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2009.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, suck down a couple of liters of Carlo Rossi chablis and you'll begin to see the light.