New Vintage/Retro Store Downtown



Wandering through the basement of the Idaho Building (where Superb Sushi is) last First Thursday, I stumbled across a new vintage/retro store called Box in the Basement. After shooting the proprietress an email, I found out a little more about her retail philosophy:

"I plan on keeping the prices very reasonable, as I myself am one of those people that doesn't particularly want to spend a lot of money when I go downtown to shop," said Luna Michelle. "I think that the idea that a pretty penny needs to be spent on being different and unique needs to go. This should be a fun and affordable process, and while doing so, boosts a local sale rather than supporting 'made in China' new stuff."

Another interesting thing I found out is that Box in the Basement will be sharing a space with a new art co-op called The Eclectic Arts Store. Michelle describes it as: "an affordable co-op art gallery with several other ventures included (eg. photography studio, art studio/classes, frame shop)."

Stay tuned for more info on this new arts co-op, and head down to Box in the Basement on First Thursday in October to snag that Fleetwood Mac album in the window during their grand opening .